Wedding Season

Tis’ the season… for a wedding (or five)! Yes, I have (so far) been invited to FIVE weddings :). What an amazing, but very hectic time of year. With weddings comes numerous amounts of outfits for Bridal Shower’s, Bachelorette’s and … the Weddings themselves! One of my best friends gets married this coming weekend in PEI and last weekend was the Bridal Shower! I put this outfit together, pairing classic pieces like this adorable tutu skirt from Rachel Roy, a sleek, rose colored bag and peep-toe, strappy heels and adding in a little bit of sass ;), with this baby blue crop top! It was perfect because the skirt is a loose fit below the waist making it easy to go back to the snack stand for seconds ;)

|Heels – Aldo, Similar HERE, Skirt – Rachel Roy, Crop-Top – H&M, similar HERE Bag- H&M, similar HERE|

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Ashley Crossman! ♥

Banana & Egg Pancakes

YES – this is fo real. It takes 1 minute to prep and 10 minutes (max) to cook! The benefits? This recipe is gluten free, (I am not gluten free, but it is convenient for anyone who is) includes protein, tastes wonderful and is SO simple! It does include Syrup (my uncle Brian taps trees to get our amazing maple syrup) which is not the best, but what about those Sunday’s when you want to treat yourself? It is, after all, all about balance ;)  Don’t be fooled…this will not taste EXACTLY like a pancake, but it’s pretty darn close! The texture is almost like French Toast!

What You Need:

1 Banana

2 Eggs

2 Cute Bowls

A Frying Pan

Oil (I used Olive Oil)

What To Do:

Mash the banana.

Whisk the eggs.

Mix together and pour them on to the frying pan!

TIP: The edges of the “pancake” will start to lift and the top (uncooked) part will start to bubble, letting you know when to flip them over!


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|2 Piece Outfit: do&be Shop Here | Heels: Aldo Similar Here, Here and Here | Earrings: Aldo Shop Here | Bracelet: Aldo Shop Similar Here|

Gone Fishin’

The sun is finally shining and this past Sunday I took advantage of it! Ty and I hit up Canadian Tire, bought fishing supplies (whatever that means ;) ) met up with Brit and Nic and took off to Salisbury in the truck! After a rough and muddy ride into the middle of nowhere we set up at a little creek that started my entire week off on the right foot. I am so lucky. We really get to explore nature on the East Coast. The fact that it was a short 25 minute drive to find seclusion away from busy streets and noisy neighborhoods makes me think twice about ever complaining about this place. Get outside and soak it in. Breathe in the beautiful air around you. Stare. Laugh. Giggle. Play. Explore. See what’s out there. Get inspired. Learn. Walk. Move. Drink water. Drink Beer. Absorb. Release. Repeat. Every moment asks you to be alive…right now, here. Suffering only exists through attachment, to the good or bad. Don’t be afraid to let go of what you don’t need.

Be grateful for what you have. Breathe it in.

Absorb. Release. Repeat.

But, first…Coffee




Lil’ burnt

Found empty cans…did our part :D

Obviously it all ended with BBQ ;)


P.S. We did not catch any fish!



Banana & Almond Butter “Ice Cream”


It’s amazing. This is on the top of my list right now for quick, tasty and HEALTHY snacks :). The texture is so wonderful, it’s just like ice cream, but it’s not! All you need is 4 bananas (very ripe), almond (or peanut) butter, a blender and a bowl! Freeze the bananas for 2 – 2 1/2 hours, take em’ out and chop them up! Put the pieces of banana into the blender and get blendin’ until they become a smooth consistency. Add in 1 Tablespoon of Almond Butter (or whatever you chose to use) and blend together again. Place it in a bowl and freeze until the mixture hardens! :)



Floral + Denim

Yes, it’s been raining all week, but I am NOT complaining because it’s melted close to all the snow! :) With the snow melting and the temperature (most days) climbing, I’ve started to dig out my Spring/Summer wardrobe. These white and grey floral Mavi jeans are an amazing fit and it makes me smile to pull them to the front of my closet – paired with my light wash denim button up. April showers bring May flowers.


Click the links below to shop this look!

Mavi Jeans – Envy Clothing

Cross Body Bag  - Aldo

Denim Button Up – Garage – Similar Here

Shoes – Aldo (older) Shop Your Style Here

Necklace – Aldo

Polish – Essie - Minimalistic

Earrings – Aldo – Similar Here


Avocado Face Mask


Hey ya’ll! Here is one of my favourite all-natural face masks that is super easy to whip up :) It’s perfect for all skin types and it’s so delicious you’ll probably end up spreading the rest on crackers or apples ;) Enjoy the evening!

What You Need:

1/2 Avocado

2 Tsp of Raw Honey (Mine is creamed, but you can switch for liquid – your call!)

What To Do:

Mash it together with a fork. Smear it on your face! 10-20 minutes, whatever works for you!

P.S. Test this out on your forearm/wrist first to see if you have any sensitivities!

Transitioning Fashion

In the East Coast we are currently in limbo. It is technically Spring, but there is still lots of snow that needs to melt for me to be totally convinced. This leaves us in a transitioning state in terms of fashion. Tuesday of this week we experienced snow, sun, clouds, rain and a little more snow (yes in one day), so what CAN we wear? Well since it’s “Spring” I have dug out all my spring jackets and have my scarf, mittens and hat on call for when the weather gets freaky (like Tuesday). Keep your clothing light and bulk up on winter accessories for those unpredictable days! I’m choosing to embrace this weather because #1 I love the color of my scarf, mittens and hat and #2 I have no control. It ain’t so bad! xx


Hat and Mittens – Aldo

Scarf  – Similar Here -> Little Burgundy

Booties – Similar Here -> Aldo (These are THE perfect transition shoe and can even be worn in the summer with denim shorts!)

Pants – Similar Here -> H&M

Jacket – Similar Here -> H&M

Earrings – Shop your own style here ->Aldo 

Graphic Tank – Shop your own style here -> Spiritual Gangster

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All Natural Spring Cleaning

Although it may not feel like Spring has arrived, it has! And with Spring, comes spring cleaning, which means letting go of the old and creating space to explore new things. With major cleaning comes the inhalation of unnecessary toxins that lurk in our home cleaning products. Try something new, natural and financially friendly :). This all natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner will have you wondering why you’ve been paying an arm and a leg for the unhealthy stuff!


A Small Water Bottle (I picked mine up at the Dollar Store – it’s so mini and cute!)

Dr. Bronner’s Soap (Pure Castile Soap – unscented)


Essential Oil (I have tried Lemon, Peppermint and Eucalyptus – your choice!)


Fill the Bottle with Water, add 2 Tbsp of Castile Soap, add 6-12 drops of essential oil (optional) and shake it up! Enjoy :)

Take a minute to smell the flowers…and if the they are still buried beneath the snow…buy some! <3 Spring has arrived!



Let me know what you think!



Looking for a quick, easy and healthy snack? Look no further! These simple, no-bake Bliss Balls will satisfy any sweet-tooth cravings and make a positive contribution to your health! They are jammed packed with flaxseed, which is a good source of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as old fashioned oats, another wonderful source of fiber and are said to reduce the risk of heart disease. 


Old-Fashioned Oats

Peanut Butter (I used crunchy because I can’t get enough of it)

Chocolate Chips (Mine were organic dark chocolate chips – it don’t matter)

Coconut (Roasted or Not)

Flaxseed (Ground or Not)

Honey (Raw)

Vanilla Extract


Mix it all together (I used the spoon for about 12 seconds then starting mixing with my hands). Roll into tiny little balls. Place in fridge for 10-15 seconds. EAT :)

find a cute bowl. 

find a spoon.

gather ingredients. 

put them in the cute bowl and mix together.

roll into balls. refrigerate.


love them. 



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