Whatcha Eatin’?

My friend and I were recently chatting about food (as per usually) and the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen popped up. What is this, you may ask? The Dirty Dozen is a list of 12 fruits and veggies that are the most highly…

April 19, 2016

Bed Yoga

Do you ever have those mornings where you want to get up, get going and seize the day, but you just can’t crawl out of the cloud you call a “bed” ?! BED YOGA! Here are some yoga shapes and postures to get your…

April 11, 2016

D.I.Y. Headboard

I made this Headboard for a total of $36 !! I couldn’t believe. No…it is not the sturdiest project I have completed, but it turned out so chic and simple, I love it! I got the idea from a friend, Kate, who had this…

April 4, 2016

Halfmoon Mighty Mat Care

Movi’s Halfmoon Mighty Mats are absolutely wonderful! They have a lifetime guarentee and the density and durability will have you hooked right away! Your mat is supposed to support your practice and allow you to have a firm, yet subtle lift from the ground.…

March 28, 2016
flowers and sun

Morning Rituals To Get Your Day Going

No matter how bubbly and happy I may seem, just like anyone else, there are those “days” that I just can’t get into it. Usually, for me, (lately anyway) Monday’s have been the culprit. I just can’t seem to pull it together after the…

March 14, 2016
beauty blender

All About The Beauty Blender

I love makeup. I love watching Makeup Artists do their thang and it really is amazing to see makeup as art when you have incredible makeup artists like Hrush Achemyan, Mario Dedivanovic, and Ariel Tejada work their magic. One product that I CANNOT stop…

March 7, 2016

The Classics

I grew up listening to classical music everyday of my life. Ballet for four hours a day, almost six times a week introduced me to this magical genre of music and my love for it has continuously grown over the years. The simplicity, elegance…

February 29, 2016

c l e a r the c l u t t e r

This past week my body (and the universe) have been showing me that it is time to get back on track, declutter, destress, refresh, rejuvenate. I started at Movi with a Sage Smudging; a cleansing ceremony to rid the entire studio space of any…

February 22, 2016
Movi 3


  Without change, there is no growth. The months of November, December AND January brought about many changes. With change, comes chaos and then the search for balance. I signed a lease for a space in mid November to create something new, something exhilarating,…

February 8, 2016

Live Out Loud Everyday

Hey ya’ll! I am so happy to announce that I will be a Lole Ambassador! This brand is wonderful! I do so much physical activity that finding brands for active wear that I LOVE and will LAST can be hard! Lole offers not only…

November 19, 2015