Probiotic – A Feel Good Belly

This post is a result of having the belly aches for the past 7 days. I take Probiotic every morning (2) as recommended by my wonderful Naturopath, Nicole Basque. I started taking Probiotic when I was taking ANTI-biotics for a recurring tonsil problem last…

July 23, 2015

Formal Fashion – A Summer Series

Another two-piece…and it ended up being one of my favs! My handsome boyfriend was the Bestman in our friends’ wedding this past weekend and what a day! The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and the sun was shining full force. This set was, yet again,…

July 17, 2015
brain on fire

Brain On Fire

  I am always in Chapters. I am always reading and Susannah Cahalan’s Memoir of her “Month of Madness” had me hooked instantly. This books takes you on a ride of up’s and down’s and shows you how unexpected life can be. Cahalan takes…

July 16, 2015

Formal Fashion – A Summer Series

This long floral gown was only $39.99! I couldn’t leave it behind. I love how light weight the material is, it’s perfect for any formal Summer events, but also loungin’ too! The V neck gives it a more flirty feel, while the floral pattern…

July 10, 2015

Vinyasa Flow

Join me in a Vinyasa Flow within both of these videos. The first video shows a modified version. The second video shows a non-modified version. Modified Flow – Click the Picture to Flow With me!   Vinyasa Flow – Click the Photo to Flow…

July 9, 2015
long pink dress

Formal Fashion – A Summer Series

  I added this piece to my closet about two years ago. I purchased it from a little boutique called Sweet Pea in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I knew I couldn’t leave without it. I love the light, delicate look of it, but the snake…

June 26, 2015
Birth Control Pill Container --- Image by Beathan

My Long Journey With … The Pill

    For eight long years of my life a small tiny pill ruled my world. Every day for eight years this pill was a lingering thought in my mind. Did I take it on time? Did I miss one this week? Should I…

June 25, 2015
candace 1

Formal Fashion: A Summer Series

Bright, bright, bright! I LOVE this orange two piece set, it’s bold and comfy and allows you to get away with simple and soft makeup and a minimal amount of accessories. I often stick to neutral colors, but I loved the pop of color…

June 19, 2015


Be aware of how much the ground offers you. When things seem to be unstable and shaky the solidity of the ground is still there. You are supported. No matter how overwhelming the chaos of the world seems to be in this moment, the…

June 18, 2015

Formal Fashion – A Summer Series

As I mentioned before, I have (so far) been invited to five different Weddings this Summer! With these invitations comes outfit planning. Formal Fashion can be simple or chaotic. I chose this flowing beige-brown gown as one of my Wedding Guest pieces. Here I…

June 12, 2015